Q: What is a will?

Thinking about what happens to our property after we pass on is a difficult burden, but an important one to consider no matter your age. A person’s last will and testament is an opportunity to shape their legacy for many years after they have passed.

But what is a will really? Many of us are too ashamed to admit we know only the basics.

A will is a legal document with instructions on how your property and assets should beĀ distributed after your death. Not reserved just for the sick or the elderly, any person with property needs to seriously consider what will happen with their assets should an accident occur. The reality is grim: people can pass on at any age.

In order to be considered valid, a will must be written out by hand or typed and printed. It must be signed by two witnesses and of course, the person who is writing the will. Without these basic requirements, a court will not enforce the requests made in the will. These simple guidelines could mean the difference between your last wishes being followed – or discarded altogether.

The more you own – property, assets, investments – the more complicated the will writing process can become. It might be inconvenient for you to write a will in the prime of your life, but the more prepared you have your affairs before the unexpected occurs, the less arguing among your beneficiaries later.

Wills don’t have to be confusing or overwhelming. With the help of a knowledgeable attorney, your affairs will be in good hands.

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